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2 - 6 July 2024

A completely new format in trail running that is reminiscent of the Tour de France. You run the most beautiful trail running routes of the 5 experience regions Kaunertal, Tyrolean Oberland, Engadin, Nauders, and Reschen – all trails between 16 – 28 km and 1100 – 2100 hm. There is certainly no event with us that has such attractive and varied routes in terms of landscape. An absolute highlight for every trail runner.

terra raetica trails

Stages 2024

Each stage covers between 16 and 28 km with an altitude difference of 1100 to 2100 metres. GPX & PDF download and more information on the interactive map.

V = Refreshment station, CP = Checkpoint, Time Limits: see refreshment stations interactive map

V = Refreshment station, CP = Checkpoint, Time Limits: see refreshment stations

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2.7. Feichten – Thomas Penz Trail
Start at Quellalpin

3.7. Pfunds – Frudiger Trail
Start at Ensplatz

4.7. Vná – Piz Arina Trail
Free shuttle from the car parking Biathlon Center in Sclamischot (shortly after Martina) to the start and back

5.7. Nauders – Nauderer Höhenweg
Start at TVB Nauders

6.7. Graun – Reschensee Trail
Start at the parking area Reschensee / church tower

Start time:
each day 09:30

Start number distribution:
from 7:45 at the take-off area

Cut Off: each day 16:00

Please note the time limits: see stages / interactive map




Deadlines registration:

  • Online registration: 01.07.2024 20:00
  • Late registration: until 08:45 at the take-off area

Registration >>

Mandatory equipment:
Food + drink, whistle, mobile phone with emergency number 140, 112 and SOS EU ALP app, rain jacket, rescue blanket.
Sticks are allowed, but must be carried from the start to the finish.

The food carried must be labelled with the start number for the run. Waste may only be disposed of at the refreshment stations. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

Note: Registration, timing and results will be done by race result AG.

Women and men

Daily classification / overall classification

ITRA: We are member of ITRA. Points:




Entry fee for the participation in all 5 stages:

  • 100,- € for registration until 31.12.2023
  • 120,- € for registration until 31.05.2024
  • 140,- € for registration by the entry deadline
  • 150,- € for late registration on-site

Entry fee for participation in one leg:

  • 40,- € for registration by the entry deadline
  • 50,- € for registration on-site

Cancellation possible up to 14 days before the Event. If the registration will be cancelled for any reason, 10,- Euro will be retained as a handling fee.


Let’s look together at our world! Please travel in an environmentally friendly way.



  • Postbus (Landeck-Zams train station forecourt)

Sharing is Caring: Rideshare / Carpooling




1. Peer Daniel – 12:23:48

2. Sturm Werner – 12:36:28

3. Bergmann Nils – 12:42:20


1. Schätzle Vanessa – 13:56:01

2. Sturm-Begusch Annemarie  – 15:19:04

3. Karakas Linda – 17:06:16

awarded by
green event tyrol

Celebrate yes, but without waste and with as little environmental impact as possible. Not possible, say many. But it does, says the Terra Raetica Trails Tour Festival organisation team. With the support of Klimabündnis Tirol, the event was able to achieve an award as GREEN EVENT TIROL basic.

“Organisers can make a significant contribution to climate protection through simple measures,” says Stephanie Rauscher from “Klimabündnis Tirol”. The non-profit association coordinates the activities of GREEN EVENTS TIROL together with the “Umwelt Verein” and the support of the province of Tyrol. Anyone planning an event in Tyrol can receive an award if certain criteria are adhered. “Our goal is to show people that a sustainable lifestyle is not only possible, but always enriching. One example: cycling to the festival is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet and is also healthy,” says Stephanie Rauscher.

In March 2024, the Terra Raetica Trails Tour Festival was officially awarded by the state.

All information on GREEN EVENTS TIROL at: www.greenevents-tirol.at

Sharing is Caring

On the road together and in the spirit of sustainability – here you can offer a ride or ask for one!


All trails in the region
terra raetica


Your Nauders in Tyrol

In Nauders you are right in the heart of the border triangle region. In the interplay between Austria, Switzerland and Italy, not only culture and pleasure lovers will find their holiday “Eldorado”. Trailrunning fans also have plenty of choice in this varied holiday region.

N1: Kaiserschützen-Trail

Route length: 9,0 km
Elevation ↑: 560 m
Elevation ↓: 560 m

N2: 3-Länder-Trail

Route length: 12,6 km
Elevation ↑: 690 m
Elevation ↓: 690 m

N3: 3-Länder Höhenweg

Route length: 32,2 km
Elevation ↑: 2037 m
Elevation ↓: 1919 m

N4: Nauderer Höhenweg

Route length: 22,7 km
Elevation ↑: 1287 m
Elevation ↓: 1157 m

O1: Oberland-Trail

Route length: 18,5 km
Elevation ↑: 870 m
Elevation ↓: 870 m

O2: Klamm-Trail

Route length: 7,2 km
Elevation ↑: 360 m
Elevation ↓: 360 m

O3: Pfunds-Nauders

Route length: 18,2
Elevation ↑: 1530
Elevation ↓: 1083

O4: Kobler Alm-Trail

Route length: 8,7 km
Elevation ↑: 563 m
Elevation ↓: 563 m

Tyrolean Oberland

One valley. Two mountainworlds.

Run between the valley and mountain world of the Tyrolean Oberland: The region around Ried, Prutz and Pfunds beckons with trails in the vast, unspoilt landscape. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the alpine running trails will take you to new heights.


Run between glaciers & peaks

Nestled in the majestic Ötztal Alps, with a breathtaking backdrop, the Kaunertal offers some of the best trailrunning routes in Tyrol. From gentle runs across mountain meadows to challenging trails along the Kaunertal-Glacier.

K1: Dr. Angerer Höhenweg

Route length: 14,1 km
Elevation ↑: 1375 m
Elevation ↓: 1320 m

K2: Thomas Penz Höhenweg

Route length: 17,7 km
Elevation ↑: 1042 m
Elevation ↓: 1042 m


Route length: 14,4 km
Elevation ↑: 739 m
Elevation ↓: 739 m

K4: Gepatsch-Runde

Route length: 16,4 km
Elevation ↑: 892 m
Elevation ↓: 892 m

R1: Elfer Trail

Route length: 13,8 km
Elevation ↑: 1120 m
Elevation ↓: 1120 m

R2: Piz Lad Trail

Route length: 15,3 km
Elevation ↑: 1146 m
Elevation ↓: 1146 m

R3: Langtauferer Höhenweg

Route length: 33,1 km
Elevation ↑: 2178 m
Elevation ↓: 1764 m

R4: Joggl Trail

Route length: 25,2 km
Elevation ↑: 2093 m
Elevation ↓: 2093 m


High above with fantastic views

The Reschenpass holiday region with its villages of Reschen, Graun and St. Valentin offers unique trail running routes with fantastic views at the border triangle between Italy, Austria and Switzerland.


Pure nature – Trailrunning in Engadin

The Engadin Scuol Zernez trail running region offers everything a runner’s heart desires: a diverse trail network with tours for every taste through the national park region as well as a perfect infrastructure with mountain railways and public transport.

E1: Samnaun-Trail

Route length: 14,5 km
Elevation ↑: 1255 m
Elevation ↓: 1255 m

E2: Piz Arina-Trail

Route length: 15,9 km
Elevation ↑: 1292 m
Elevation ↓: 1292 m

E3: Guarda-Trail

Route length: 15,8 km
Elevation ↑: 1070 m
Elevation ↓: 1070 m

E4: Ardez-Trail

Route length: 15,2 km
Elevation ↑: 1085 m
Elevation ↓: 1085 m

Trail map

Trailrunning Terra Raetica

The entire route network of all 5 regions at a glance. Including the Terra Raetica Ultra Trail (T.R.U.T.)

5 adventure areas


Stand high in Tyrol

High mountains and great moments await you in Tyrol’s Kaunertal valley. And there is much more to discover!

The Kaunertal Nature Park and Glacier Region is worth a holiday all year round! Ambitious hikers, pleasure skiers as well as mountain-loving families – they are all above it all in the Ötztal Alps and feel right at home in the Tyrolean valley!

Head towards the sky on the Kaunertal Glacier Road. Stay consciously on the ground during a hike in the Kaunergrat Nature Park. Or dare acrobatic flights of fancy in the Kaunertal Snowpark. Adventures await in many places in the Tyrolean holiday region!

Tiroler Oberland

One valley. Two mountain worlds.

Left to nature, without tourist staging. The Tyrolean Oberland region with its main towns of Ried, Prutz & Pfunds has been following this sustainable path from the very beginning.

The untouched natural and mountain landscapes form the most valuable capital – these can be found at all levels in the Tyrolean Oberland. Alpine nature areas await you with countless kilometres of hiking, cycling and biking trails, numerous nature-oriented adventure & playgrounds, cultural sites steeped in history, lovingly maintained leisure facilities, winter landscapes covered in deep snow, authentic encounters & conversations with locals…
The special feature is the central location of the Tyrolean Oberland with the main towns of Ried, Prutz & Pfunds – embedded in two mountain worlds, the alpine retreat with authentic mountain experiences on the one hand and the modern adventure worlds of the neighbouring regions on the other. The holiday regions around promise entertaining excursions with perfectly developed ski areas, adventurous and varied amusement parks, and much more. These can be easily explored within a few minutes by bus, car, motorbike or bicycle.

In the Tyrolean Oberland, you are right in the middle of it all, benefiting from the contrasting leisure activities offered by both mountain worlds and deciding every day anew, completely spontaneously, for your personal and individual holiday experience.


We look forward to see you and do everything for happy and satisfied guests.

The Engadin Scuol Zernez trail running region offers everything a runner’s heart desires: a diverse trail network with tours for every taste through the unspoilt nature of the national park region as well as a perfect infrastructure with mountain railways and public transport. Picturesque Engadin villages, fresh mineral water from the village fountain and the Bogn Engiadina mineral water spa for relaxing your muscles round off your stay perfectly.


Your Nauders in Tyrol

In Nauders you are in the heart of the three-country region. And in boundless holiday pleasure!
No wonder, after all, Nauders am Reschenpass benefits from its unique location between three cultures. In the interplay of Austria, Switzerland and Italy, not only culture and pleasure lovers will find their holiday paradise.
Sports and outdoor fans also have plenty of choices in this varied holiday region. Between mountain adventures, bike tours and motorbike trips. Between summer highlights and winter delights. And so much more …


Holiday on the Reschenpass in the Vinschgau cultural region

The holiday region of Reschenpass consists of the villages of Reschen, Graun and St. Valentin, all of which lie on the ancient Roman trade route Via Claudia Augusta, at the border triangle between Italy, Austria and Switzerland. This special location has shaped the country and its people. The heart of the lake plateau is the sunken tower in Lake Resia. The side valleys of the lake landscape on the Reschen Pass, Langtaufers and Rojen, form a recreation area for connoisseurs of silence and nature.

Altitudes from 1,400 m guarantee winter white all over the Reschenpass. For kitesurfers and all those who like to spend their holidays on the water, the spectacular Reschensee lake in the holiday region is just right. Also in winter, the holiday region and its lake landscape is a top spot for speed skaters.

Simple garnis and comfortable guesthouses, cosy holiday flats on the Reschenpass, holidays on the farm and first-class pampering hotels on the Reschenpass: your wish decides. For special holiday wishes, there are specialised themed accommodations, such as family hotels, wellness hotels or bike hotels for cycling holidaymakers. Adventurous holidaymakers can also choose between campsites, simple mountain inns, alpine pastures or refuges. The wide range of guesthouses, campsites, hotels and holiday flats in the Vinschgau Valley offers every holidaymaker the opportunity to tailor their holiday in the Reschenpass holiday region to suit their wishes.

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