E4: Ardez-Trail

Far above the rooftops of Ardez to the Chamonna Cler and the beautiful panoramic mountain Muot da l’Hom. Ardez stands at the foot of the “Muot da l’Hom”, which we climb on this tour.

After a short stretch through Ardez, the route heads north-west or uphill following the signposts to Munt. Cross the scattered settlement of Maiensässen and follow the alpine road to Alp Murtera Dadoura. Bypass it on the left-hand side and follow the signposts towards Maranguns. From Maranguns, the highest point of the hike, the Chamonna Cler, becomes visible. A short detour to the idyllic Lai Raduond mountain lake is worthwhile here. The descent from the Chamonna Cler offers views from Scuol to Susch. After Munt, you then walk back along the ascent route to the end point of the tour in Ardez. POI=Point of Interest

Trailrunning Engadin - Ardez-Trail

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