K2: Thomas Penz Höhenweg

A magnificent tour high above the Kaunertal, which is technically a little less demanding than the Dr Angerer Höhenweg.

From the starting point in Feichten, the route follows trails just above the bottom of the valley on a slight incline to Vergötschen until you reach a forest path. The trail now climbs steadily up to the edge of the forest, where you take a sharp left onto the Thomas Penz Weg. The fantastic panorama of the Kaunertal now opens up before you. The narrow but easy trails continue into the valley. However, you don’t have to climb many metres in altitude, as the ascents are usually only short and you get into a real flow. Shortly before the real downhill begins, there is a small, slightly exposed section, which is perfectly defused with a wire rope. You now head back down into the valley via the many hairpin bends and the last few kilometres are flat back to Feichten.


Trailrunning Kaunertal - Thomas Penz Höhenweg

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