K4: Gepatsch-Runde

A fantastic tour at the end of the valley surrounded by the Kaunertal ice giants and the Gepatsch reservoir.

From the Fernergries car park, you start into the valley along the glacier nature trail. The rounded rocks, which give an idea of the size of the glaciers in the past, are particularly striking. You follow the trail steadily uphill until you finally reach the Weißsee lake. Here you have to briefly cross the glacier road and continue to the Seeles Seen lakes, which are perfect for cooling off on a hot summer’s day. From here it is all downhill, always with the best views of the highest peaks of the Kaunertal and the mighty Gepatsch Ferner. The last section then leads briefly along a forest path and the glacier road back to the starting point. POI=Point of Interest

Trailrunning Kaunertal - Gepatsch-Trail

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