O5: Tschey-Trail

A marvellous but quite challenging tour over the Lahnkopf.

From the car park, take the forest path for a short while, then the path towards the Gschneier Alm. The route then takes you up a relatively steep but well-maintained path to the beautifully situated Lahnkopf, where you are rewarded with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. Perfect trails now lead briefly downhill and over a small plateau to a mountain ridge. A beautiful downhill now leads down to the Platzalm, alternating between a forest path and a climb out of the valley to Pfundser Tschey. The last part of the run leads along a tarmac path, past the many lovely huts back to the starting point. POI=Point of Interest

Trailrunning Tiroler Oberland - Tschey-Trail

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