N6: Skyrun

A challenging tour for sure-footed and experienced trail runners that literally takes you up high.

Right from Nauders, the trail climbs steeply uphill until you reach the Gamorscharte after a good 1300 metres and 7 km and thus the ridge. You now follow this over numerous peaks. The views are magnificent, but a head for heights and surefootedness are of course a must! The highlight and highest point is the Große Schafkopf at just over 3000 metres! But the tour is not over yet, you still have to cross the Wölfeleskopf and Mataunkopf. Once you have reached the saddle after the Mataunkopf, the trail leads down to the Bergkastel, where you can round off this unique tour. The rest of the way down to the valley can then be done comfortably by cable car. POI=Point of Interest

Trailrunning Nauders - Skyrun

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